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Undiscovered Elements – CD




Undiscovered Elements by Better Chemistry

© Copyright – Chad Junkin / Chackhouse Productions (634479131523)

Rock and Reggae combo style with a hint of funk, with or without the kegger, is great party music.

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1 review for Undiscovered Elements – CD

  1. Why aren’t they HUGE?

    When I found and sampled Better Chemistry on MySpace I was immediately compelled to buy one of their three albums. They never returned my e-mail asking which album was recommended for ultimate car bumping, so I went out on a limb and ordered their first, Undiscovered Elements. Their website left me thinking they were straight up reggae, ska, and related genres, but once I listened to the CD I found out only one or two songs were actually reggae… This would have made me very upset if not for the fact that EVERY SONG is pure brilliance. I love the jammy feel they have and the reggae which I bought it for is amazing as well. I believe they now have a new singer because everything I had previously heard by them was sung by a more roots sounding dude. So I’m sure that accounts for some of the difference in their current material I sampled and their old school material I bought. Well anyway, anyone who wants a great collection of songs to listen to while driving on a bright sunny day that will surely put them in the best mood of their life, BUY THIS ALBUM. That is all.

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